GPRC Research Services


GPRC's CRI provides a number of services in support of GPRC faculty, staff and or students interested in and actively conducting or engaged in research. 

We do this for two reasons: first, to support the researcher, and secondly, to help ensure that research is conducted responsibly (Responsble Conduct of Research).


review the information as a researcher would.  And you will find additional information specifc to students in the CRI Student Services page.


Human Subject  research conducted at GPRC or in conjuntion with another researcher or organiztion requires an Ethics Review.  Documents and process are found on the Research Ethics Board page.

Animal Subject research must be conducted consistent with Canadian Council of Animal Care (CCAC).  To that end, GPRC has an establised and active Animal Care Committee (ACC) to ensure compliance with animal care legislation and CCAC Assessment recommendations, and to prevent and/or mitigate animal care issues.  See the Applied Research Animal Subjects (AR Animals) page.  Animal Use Protocols - Research processes have been approved in prinicpal and are available from the CRI office.

Research Grants information is located on the applied research grants page (AR Grants).  Information about grants currently available includes: open and expected calls for i) letters of intent, ii) expressions of interest and or iii) proposals.  You will also find information on how to access other funds. 

Research Facilitation Services (e.g. help with research and development, research design/work plans, grant writing, statistics and data analyses, research partnerships) are available from the CRI.  Please contact the Director's Office for assistance 780-539-2504 or via e-mail

Any other questions? please direct them to the Director's Office or call 780-539-2220.