Pollutants to Products (P2P)

Weixing Tan and his research team at Grande Prairie Regional College, continue to pursue several applied research projects that aim to not only reduce pollutants and carbon emissions but to turn pollutants into products.

First, the newest addition to the initiative is a project for oil sands, wet-land reclamation. In this project Tan and his team are experimenting with the winter planting of black spruce seedlings. By planting in the winter months, the wetlands are accessible on the frost with far less disturbance and hopefully a higher seedling survival rate and therefore higher CO2 capture rates. More..

Next, the carbon bio-capture using microalgae project has a new home as the carbon capture solarium is completed and operational in the Trades Building at GPRC. The solarium holds the alpha-prime bio-reactor and micro-algae research is now ongoing.

The project utilizes the natural cleaning talent of single-cell microalgae to bio-capture CO2 and other air pollutants. An added benefit of this process is that it also produces micro-algae products such as food/nutrients, industrial fiber and animal feed which are all very commercially viable.    Currently the P2P team uses a patented, scalable photobioreactor system that can be operated under any climate and unique medium formulation to optimize microalgae production for air pollutants capture. If you want to know more about our technology or need expert opinion on how to improve your microalgae technology, contact Dr. Tan at 780 539-2793 or Bob Hall at  780 539-2718. To view a slideshare presentation:  http://www.slideshare.net/InnovationCRI/gprc-cri-pollutants-toproducts   More...

New signage for the Training Forest will be going up along highway 43 just east of the Forestry Trunk Road. This forest is designed to improve reforestation technology and in-crease CO2 conversion to industrial wood fiber.

A new information sign has been erected at the Effluent to Fiber Project site in Clairmont where they are converting effluent and bio-solids to industrial wood fibre.