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What is the Patent Process?

What is a patent?

Have a look at the Government of Canada's new Youtube video to get you started:

You have a great idea: can you and how do you protect it?  Is it worth the time and money to protect?

Intellectual Property:  Legal rights that result from intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literary and artisitic fields.  These can include patents, copywrites, trademarks and industrial design.

Patent: a right granted by government, to exclude others from making, using, or selling your invention in the country you have filed your IP Rights in.  

"Do I need a patent to make money with or sell my innovative idea?",  is a question that we hear regularly and most often.   Applying for a patent is an investment of your time and money.  Do you have the right information to make the decision to patent?  One of the best checks or cross-references of how your idea fits in the marketplace is by doing a market and intellectual property, such as a patent search on it.

An innovator or business owner can meet with the CRI team at no cost to better understand patent process and to learn what resources are available to research your idea in the context of a patent.  The CRI has a working relationship with Doug Thompson of Thompson Woodruff Intellectual Property Law in Edmonton.  Doug is a well established  lawyer who specializes in Intellectual Property law.  Through the CRI and Thompson Woodruff, you will become better able to navitage the intellectual property rights waters.

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Filing for a patent can be a big investment, so make sure you understand the basic process.  Contact us 780 539 2807