NBDC Celebrates 1 Year with September Event

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dr. Magali Ribiere, Director of the European Union Reference Laboratory for Honey Bee health, will be the guest speaker during  the first anniversary of the National Bee Diagnostic Centre. The celebration will take place on September 5th at the Beaverlodge Town Square. Dr. Ribiere will give a talk on the “Current situation of the beekeeping industry in the European Union in the wake of recent years of high unexplained stock losses" – during the afternoon presentations and after the BBQ party at Lunch. The activity is open to the public in general, and we expect many beekeepers to attend the event. Dr. RIbiere is also giving a private talk to the NBDC advisory committee that will be meeting for the first time on Friday September 6th related to  ‘The present and future of the European honey bee reference laboratory and its contribution to disease and pathogen surveillance’.