client news

Frank Light
Channico offers Fabrication and Welding services as well as machining, equipment overhauls, millwright services, field service and 24 Emergency Service. Channico partnered with Shell Canada to create a well head containment system.  The CRI helped Frank with Intellectual Property questions.   Read More
Dave Larsen
Global Restoration is dedicated to assisting the natural restoration of our forests and animal habitats. We bring our years of experience in restoration to every project. Industry is under considerable pressure to restore land used for industrial purposes back to its original capabilities. This is a tall order, considering many of the sites needing to be reclaimed are in forested areas with... Read More
Chris Kinderwater
Check out the video on the right, where Chris Kinderwater talks about his journey through product development, and how the Centre for Research & Innovation has helped. Read More
Chris Andersen
Chris Anderson approached the CRI to seek support in review of his project plans to develop a road construction "mat" made from readily available Oriented Strand Board materials. He had identified a need for more cost effective, environmentally friendly materials and recognized an opportunity to utilize materials from Alberta that were readily available. He has extensive background in forestry... Read More
Doug Thompson
Drilling new oil and gas wells is a unique challenge. Crews perform a complex set of procedures, often in remote settings and unfavourable conditions. Temporary pipelines from the well site must be elevated and supported. Traditionally, pipes were braced with timeconsuming pilings, or makeshift stands, which are costly, inefficient and vulnerable to collapse.  Doug Thompson, owner of Hell ‘N’... Read More