Innovations & Ideas

Introductory Services

Innovators have a different set of experiences in innovation and business, and unique objectives for their product, service or improvement opportunity.  For example, some ideas, products and/or services have some aspect of intellectual asset that can distinguish it from others.

To be most effective in supporting each innovator, the CRI assesses the innovation and background experiences of its clients to determine which combination of personal skill development, product research or business support is required at the initial stages of commercializing innovative ideas.

A starting point for commercializing innovative ideas often involves framing the idea and exploring answers to basic questions.  CRI Introductory Services focus on:   

  • How and where to research information on your idea.
  • Identifying and networking with industry experts, towards building your project team.
  • Clarification of the idea and enhancement of an idea to reflect new technologies.
  • The willingness and likelihood that the market will accept an innovative idea, especially in light of existing products being your potential competition.
  • Interpretation of how your idea solves a customer's problem and the rationale for the customer to make a change in their buying behaviour.
  • Does your idea have some form of Intellectual Property Rights, such as a patent?  And how does having these potential rights, offer you different choices or business models to choose from?

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