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I have a great what's next?

By definition, innovators are unique and creative people. They bring different backgrounds - including experience, training and education - to the new product development process.  They also have different objectives for their product, service or improvement opportunity.  

GPRC's CRI provides a range of professional services to assist innovative people and companies to advance new products & services into the marketplace.   Initial meetings and introductory services are provided free of charge.

Generally our first meeting (60 minutes) with a client is primarlily to explore where you are in the innovation process, through a detailed discussion process we begin to understand where you need help to move your idea forward.  The four key areas we work the idea through are:

·        Innovations and Ideas - which consist largely of Concept Development, and Intellectual Property

·        Technical Feasibility - initial product assessment and performance, certification, engineering resources and networks

·        Market Feasibility - market discovery, creation and entry; access to market development information

·        Financial Viability - will this opportunity generate adequate returns to justify investing in?


Understanding the basics