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Welcome to the Cove, a place for students to sit back, relax, and read-up on the opportunities waiting to be discovered outside of the classroom.  Whether you face a fresh year of school or a summer transition, if you are seeking employment possibilities, look no further.

Education comes with a price tag, and many students can relate to the necessary, and sometimes daunting, search for part-time or summer employment.  With tuition fees and bills not so much nibbling as feasting with bitter indifference on your savings, you need to find something, ANYTHING, to replenish your limping bank account:  Let the cold calls commence, you think with resignation.

Don’t throw your hands up in defeat quite yet:  There are job opportunities that are literally waiting for you to unearth and dust off; opportunities that offer constructive, interesting, and fulfilling work experience.   

The Centre for Research & Innovation supports and mentors students making their way along the winding path of school and education; during your academic journey, a position within the CRI team may be just thing for you.  Ranging from work featuring interesting and innovative projects, working alongside Entrepreneurs, and involvement with research and development, the CRI’s determination to continually move innovation forward is as infectious as it is motivating.  Let them be on your side as you gain critical lifelong skills and break the barriers against creative thinking.

The CRI team embraces imagination and creativity as they focus on providing the tools and guidance that help people to chisel their budding dreams into a sculpted reality.  They understand the challenges and transitions that we face as students, and hold the doors wide open for those interested in gaining worthwhile employment that not only provides a paycheck, but helps you to explore your embodied potential. 

CRI employment opportunities include the following:

  1. Creating presentations, working on website improvements, and creating videos to help clients understand our motivation to help them;
  2. Working on existing research with the guidance of  faculty members;
  3. Working with YOUR ideas alongside a faculty mentor;
  4. Working with Innovation Services to help local business owners and inventors develop new ideas and inventions.

Finding a place for yourself in this world can sometimes feel like you are being dragged and jostled along a rip current:  Towed away from land into strange waters of unknown depths; the CRI is a chance for you to find your feet or to build up from your current stance in these dynamic times.  As you advance through the phases of your education and gain direction through new experiences, keep in mind the inspired words of the Moody Blues, whose message rings true for all stages of life; you may find they have meaning to the moment you reign today: “Just what you want to be, you will be in the end.”

For more information on opportunities with the CRI, please contact Heather Mathieson, New Media Lead and make sure to check back for more updates.

Interested in Entrepreneurship?  GPRC is offering